Long Way to Go, but We will Walk Together, Anyway.




    Medicine and Education For All.


    To make it true that our world becomes the one by following our will and wishes, wherever we live, we are entitled to choose, decide and enjoy opportunities for necessary health care and education.

    We faithfully commit ourselves to play our own roles to realize such a beautiful world.

    This is our mission.

    For that mission, we are providing professional management support to create a place - where each and every one of us is aware of his/her own mission, roles, leadership and responsibility.

    Thus we can encourage, enhance and help each other.


    Medicine and Education For All.

    mefa management

    Our service is to support Development of Creative Human Resources and Organisation that make a difference for Equal Access and Quality of Education and Healthcare.

    Management Support based on Customer (Patient) Focused Strategy (CFS)

    Management in harmony with local communities

    * CFS case study at Imperial College London Business School presented by Y. Nakayama, mefa Rep.


    We support to :

    • conduct a marketing survey based on CFS;
    • elaborate the corporate concept, mission and value;
    • design project operational plans;
    • develop a management strategy;
    • facilitate marketing mix;
    • promote cooperate branding.

    Current Project

    Strengthening a sense of Professionalism

    Designing & Managing Capacity Development Programme

    We support to :

    • introduce in-service training programmes;
    • plan and facilitate leadership training for business executives;

    through lectures on, for example,

    • output and contribution, growth management
    • business communication and its practices
    • self-talk management
    • coaching / medical coaching
    • medical security management,

    * curricula example for an introductory training program

    Tackling Global Issues

    Total management of International Cooperation Projects

    • Capacity Development for the education sector
    • Community and people-centered participatory regional development;
    • HIV/AIDS projects.

    Business Reports



    PRC (China), Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Lesotho, etc.,


    MEFA Management Ltd.

     Strategic Management Support for Heath & Education Sectors 

    • over the PRINCIPLES

    Stay your dream

    Be passionate

    Keep Challenging



     "MEFA" stands for "Medicine & Education For All"



    "Medicine/health care" and "Education" are the main two areas of MEFA drew two ellipses, crossed mutually, and formed the shape of a heart showing the rapport with people all over the world.


    • OFFICE

    19-6 Midorimachi Gamagori City Aichi, JAPAN 443-048


    A member of the Gamagori Chamber of Commerce



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    Scalarship handbook for higher education 


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    Philosopher/ Educator


    Tadanobu Hamasato

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    The first round of consultation by E-mail on management support makes zero-cost. (for about 30-minutes-amount-of-work).


    Consultation on child education is voluntarily provided. Please feel free to contact us .